Decurion Datius Ficarus, a trusted barbarian cavalry officer who is hiding out from his enemy Niall King of Scots in the only safe place, the Roman Army, is sent to assess the situation in Britannia. Its mutinous governor Magnus Maximus had stripped the island of troops twelve years before in his quest for the Imperial throne. Dathi discovers a conspiracy of Scoti, Saxons and Danes to seize the British province and partition it between them.  The civilised Britons, Christian and Romanised, will be driven back to the hilly spine of their island. The industrious Angli, draining and cultivating the floodlands of East Anglia, will be subjected to Danish and Saxon overlords. Niall, King of Ulster and the Scoti, will complete his conquest of Ireland and establish a Scottish Christian Orthodox empire there and in western Britain. The Druidic Order will be hunted down and destroyed. Datius and Gerontius, a senior Roman public official, set out to organise the defence of Cambria (Wales) and the West. Meanwhile Niall’s agents are stalking Dathi and his Druidic mentor Nuala Sál Bui, because his claim to the High-Kingship of Ireland backed by the Druidic Order is a threat to Niall. Dathi/Datius finds danger and love in his efforts to survive and to repel Niall’s invasion.

The Bale-fires of Brecon: Britannia under Siege

This story describes the struggle of the native British peoples to preserve their lives and freedom as their world begins its descent into the Dark Ages.