About the Author

aidanAidan Magellan Gabriel Moore was born, raised and educated in Ireland, mainly in the West and in Kerry. Graduating with a science degree in Geology and Physics, and with an MA from Dublin University, he worked as a geophysicist on land exploring for petroleum and minerals in frontier provinces of the British Isles, Africa, and Australia, and later in marine geophysical research in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Southern oceans and on the Pacific Rim where he now lives.Disappointed at how his people’s history is perceived abroad and forgotten at home, he is now devoting the end of his life to explaining them to the world. This trilogy, The Wisdom of the Wolf, is part of that project. There is another, set in London and in Ulster during the recent civil war there, written in a different voice and published under another name.

He has also given courses of lectures on Irish history to the University of the Third Age, has taught the native language, and has a collection of books, recordings and sheet music of the country’s music and history. He has published numerous articles on these subjects in magazines. He presented radio programs of Irish news and music for twenty years. He plays the native folk music on two instruments and was Vice-President of Comhaltas, the international Association of Traditional Irish Musicians, in Canberra, Australia. He is fond of the English, having worked in their country for some years, loves Australia, and admires Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second for her recent courageous journey of reconciliation to Ireland which he regards as a game-changer in the sad but long and intimate relationship of the two largest British isles. This saga is largely about that relationship.